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Meet 3 Idiots Who Quit Their Jobs To Make People Laugh! RVCJ’s 7-Yr Success Story In Just 8 Mins!


Meet 3 Idiots Who Quit Their Jobs To Make People Laugh! RVCJ’s 7-Yr Success Story In Just 8 Mins!

Rome was not built in a day and so is Rajnikant V/S CID Jokes or RVCJ, as we popularly call it. It’s been almost two years that I am associated with this amazing Facebook page and website and being a writer here is like a dream come true. Truly speaking, I have always been a fan of RVCJ ever since its first year and was dying to get connected with it anyhow. My wish got fulfilled in early 2015 when I finally got a job here. But what is so special about RVCJ that not only I but many others like me crave badly to associate with it?

I have often stumbled upon articles which talk about the factors behind the success of RVCJ and people have a craze to know the story of RVCJ from the beginning when the page just started. Quite naturally, having more than 13 million is not an easy deal and it takes decades to attain this tremendous feat but RVCJ made it possible in just 7 years, which is a glorious achievement in itself.

Like many others, you also might be curious to know how RVCJ became a brand from a simple Facebook page. Earlier too, we have posted a couple of articles over the same but today, we bring you the 7-yr success story of RVCJ in just 8 minutes!

So get ready to meet the Baahubalis of RVCJ and know their extraordinary stories. Believe me, if you put yourself in their place, you would get goosebumps to imagine all the ups and downs they went through during this exceptional journey!!

Here we present 3 idiots who quit their jobs selflessly just to make people laugh! Trust me, there would be nobody like them, as two of them are not only married but also have kids and despite having the responsibilities of family, they didn’t think twice before leaving their jobs! They are definitely idiots but these idiots have brought 13 million people together on one platform and now sky is the limit!

This is surely something on which a Hindi movie can be made and who knows one day, my statement comes true!

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It’s truly said, “Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way!”

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