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Meet Businesswoman Mom Who Is Earning Lakhs By Selling Her Breast Milk To Bodybuilders


Meet Businesswoman Mom Who Is Earning Lakhs By Selling Her Breast Milk To Bodybuilders

Undoubtedly, there is nothing more nutritious for a newborn baby than the breast milk and that is why, doctors strongly recommend mother’s milk for infants for the first few months after birth.

However, you’ll be amazed to know that one mother is making huge money by selling her extra milk to bodybuilders.

We are talking about Rafaela Lamprou (26) who is from Cyprus and became mother to a son Anjelo last year. However, she found that the quantity of milk produced in her breasts was far more than what her seven months old son could drink.

Instead of wasting it, she started selling it to those mothers who are not able to produce milk naturally but later on, she was approached by bodybuilders. Since then, she has earned £4,500 (almost Rs. 4 lakhs) by selling 500 litres of her breast milk.

Rafaela told,

“It started with men who were interested in body building. They say it is good for building muscle mass, but then I started to get enquiries from men with fetishes. Now I breastfeed on demand. I have no idea what they do with it but they tell me they consume it. It was a bit strange at first giving breast milk to a guy with fetishes but as long as it is just that and not asked to show any part of my body, I don’t mind it at all. I am open minded.”

She is not sure for how long she will be able to run this business but she is pretty sure to make optimum utilisation of the opportunity. The good thing is that she gets full support from her husband in this venture.

Breast milk is definitely better than the standard milk as it contains growth hormones in addition to more calories but it has not been proved whether it is beneficial for bodybuilding.

It sounds weird that adults are drinking breast milk but fitness freaks don’t mind it as long as they can see their muscles bulging.


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