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Meet Real Life Prem Of Vivah Movie Who Married Bride In Hospital Post Her Accident On Wedding Day


Meet Real Life Prem Of Vivah Movie Who Married Bride In Hospital Post Her Accident On Wedding Day

Marriage is undoubtedly a sacred institution and before entering this phase, the couple should ensure that they are loyal and honest towards each other. Moreover, they should not only love each other but have trust and respect for one another as well since these basic elements strengthen the relationship. While there are many who are not able to live up to the expectations of their partners, a groom from Prayagraj, UP, has set a great example for the future generations.

On the day of marriage, the bride whose name is Aarti met an accident as she fell from the terrace and her spine was injured. In normal circumstances, the marriage would have been called off and the groom and his family would have waited for the bride to recover completely. There is also a different side that they would have ensured the bride is physically 100 percent fit or they would have cancelled the marriage in case of her getting handicapped.

However here the groom whose name is Awdhesh has a heart of gold and he took the permission from the hospital authorities to get married to Aarti in presence of their families.

Dr. Sachin Singh who treated the bride told that Aarti has minor injury in her spine and as of now, she is not able to move her legs. He added that as Aarti was about to get married to Awdhesh, we allowed them to carry out the rituals in the hospital. The bride Aarti also talked to the news agency and told that in the beginning, she was doubtful but her husband convinced her and promised her that he would be with her even if she doesn’t recover.

Social media users are in awe of Awdhesh who is of the opinion that whatever happened was destiny. People also remembered the scene from Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao starrer “Vivah” in which Amrita’s character Poonam got burnt on the wedding day but Shahid’s character Prem still married her in the hospital.

Here are some tweets in which the netizens have showered love and affection on Awdhesh and prayed for the speedy recovery of Aarti:
















This is certainly one of the best examples of true love which is pretty rare in the present era! We wish the couple a happy and healthy married life!

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