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Meet The Bajrangi Of Pakistan – Abdul Sattar Edhi, Who Took Care Of Our Geeta For 13 Years


Meet The Bajrangi Of Pakistan – Abdul Sattar Edhi, Who Took Care Of Our Geeta For 13 Years

Real life is inspired by movies and movies are inspired by real life stories. And, this was proved on 26th October when the deaf and mute Geeta returned to her homeland after 13 years of being stranded in Pakistan by accidentally crossing the border. Who was her Bajrangi there? But do Bajrangi works in Pakistan! So it was Edhi was came to her rescue and gave her a new lease of life for 13 years.
Geeta captivated both the nations and everyone for once was overwhelmed with joy amidst the tension brewing in the border.
In middle of all these joy and tension, everyone seem to forget about the Man-Bajrangi- Edhi behind her life being easy on the other front. Who kept Geeta in the pink of health and took care of all her needs? Let’s take you to a walk in the life of – Abdul Sattar Edhi- the founder of Edhi Foundation.

1.Foundation of Great Beginnings

Abdul Sattar Edhi was just 23 years old when he begged on the streets of Karachi to accumulate money for an ambulance. He did manage to buy a battered van which he converted into an ambulance.


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2.The One Who has seen the Pain, Understand What It Is

Edhi lost his mother right after partition due to illness and that became his motto in life to open welfare centres and hospitals that will ease out the pain and sufferings of people. And, thus was Edhi Foundation came into existence.

3.Saving the Life of Little ones

Edhi with Kids
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Abdul Sattar Edhi has saved lives of thousands little one who were abandoned. He placed cradles outside his centres to leave the babies and foster them. Till now he has saved around 35,000 babies.

4.Simple Living High Thinking

Indeed 87-year-old Abdul Sattar Edhi is the second most famous person in Pakistan after Mohammed Ali Jinnah, and lives his life saving people and serving them. He wears Blue overall and dorns a Jinnah Cap all the time. A Highly motivated and selfless man.

5.Charity is the motto, not Religion.

Prior to setting up Edhi Foundation, Edhi used to volunteer for a charity run by Memon and was happily serving their until he came to know that they were only restricted towards the Memon’s and do not consider the other unfortunate people. He told them that “humanitarian work loses its significance when you discriminate between the needy”.

6.Rejection Never Deterred Him


After leaving the Memon’s Charity he set a journey to Europe to keep himself save from all the possible harm. It was during one fine morning in Rome he found his shoes were stolen but considering them inessential he did not bother and kept on learning about the welfare state, which inspired him to work for his country Pakistan.

7.And, YES he is the one who rejected Rs.1 Crore from Narendra Modi

The Prime Minster of India Narendra Modi offered an aid of Rs.1 crore for keeping Geeta save and also as an act of genuine kindness. But the selfless man who Edhi is , he rejected that money. Because he believed humanitarian work loses its significance when you discriminate between the needy”.

8.He is called the “LIVING SAINT”

Humanitarian efforts brought him into conflict with the fanatic religious leaders. They even declared him an infidel and even plotted to eliminate him but even the corrupted politicians at the end had to agree with the fact that he is a Living Saint.


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