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Mia Khalifa Said She Earned Just $12000 In Her Career As An Adult Actress. Twitter Can’t Believe It


Mia Khalifa Said She Earned Just $12000 In Her Career As An Adult Actress. Twitter Can’t Believe It

Mia Khalifa is quite a popular celebrity, thanks to her short stint as an adult movie star. Despite the fact that she has worked as an adult film actress just for three months, she is one of the most famous adult actresses of all times.

It is a common perception that these actors earn quite a huge amount of money but what Mia has revealed in an interview can shatter the belief of many. Mia says that people think that she has earned millions by working in the adult industry but the truth is that she has earned only $12,000 (Rs 8.5 lakh) in three months. She also said that finding a normal job after quitting the adult industry was scary.

She clarified that she was never promised millions and she herself never expected as well . She is also surprised by the fact that even after leaving the industry 5 years ago, she is still ranked as one of the favourites.

Check out the tweets of Mia Khalifa:

Presently, she works as a sports journalist for a show but her revelation about her earnings from the adult industry has started a debate on Twitter as people are not able to believe it.

This is how Twitter reacted over Mia’s revelation:















Mia was one of the most watched adult stars but she left the industry after she started getting intimidation for working in a movie in which she wore a hijab that is wore by Muslim women.

When she was asked as to what made her join the industry, she said that she didn’t know what she was thinking, adding that she was just 21 and might be dumb as well. But when she started getting popular, she realised that this is not what she wanted to do, so she quit the industry.

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