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Mind The Malhotras: The Perfect Story Of Every Married-Modern Day Couple


Mind The Malhotras: The Perfect Story Of Every Married-Modern Day Couple

Every couple has their own hardships and getting married is tough. Well, tougher for our generation. It seems like a long time ago when marriage was forced on people, but now the time has changed. We are now responsible for our own mistakes (yes, I did say that). It is all roses and romantic songs in the background, but as the honeymoon period gets over, the reality hits. And, it is not always pretty.

At the start of every relationship, we fail to notice the things that annoy us. But as time passes, it grows into a ticking bomb. Ever noticed how your partner picks his/her nose and wipes it on the curtain? (ew!). Ever noticed how your partner never flushes the toilet? Ever noticed how they praise you before telling you they have done something wrong?
This can go on. It is so annoying to go through it again and again.

If you have been in this place, my heart goes out to you. But you do not stand alone. There are millions of couples who fight on which side of the bed they want to sleep. Or what should be cooked for dinner, or where to go for the next vacation. And it goes on and on. So if you are one of them, or even if you are single and want to have a look at how it feels to be married, we have something for you.

‘Mind the Malhotras’ is a perfect blend for all of the above. Mind the Malhotras, an Amazon Original, streaming on Amazon Prime Video is the best thing you can catch on the internet right now. The friendly banter between Rishabh and Shefali, where Rishabh is bad with remembering dates and the cute arguments with their children. This series is everything you need to see today!

This video of the Malhotra family will make you smile and go ‘awww’ at every moment.

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This family is the cutest!

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