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Monsoon Special: 10 Things To Do This Rainy Season To Make Yourself Happy


Monsoon Special: 10 Things To Do This Rainy Season To Make Yourself Happy

Monsoon is here and every day is a rainy day in some parts of the country. If you are in one of those places then don’t just grump about the rain and mud and your work. Plan something, make your self happy.

And if you can’t plan yourself, we have some ideas for what to do during this rainy season.

1. Go on a long drive

What can be more romantic than going on a long drive with your partner on an empty road and in cloudy weather? If it’s not raining heavily and you want to go out, get your car keys and just drive to nowhere and stop at the sight of highway Dhaba.

2. Catch up with your friends on a coffee

It has been long since you met your best friend let alone talk and gossip about the world. Now is the time. Call him/her to a coffee shop and talk it out over a hot cup of coffee.

3. Go on a short vacation to the nearest hill station

Collect all your friends and plan a getaway weekend to the nearest hill station. Go trekking and camping and blow off some heat.

4. Go back to your childhood and enjoy rain on your terrace

If you are planning to stay at home, then don’t just stay, have fun. Be a child again, go on the rooftop and dance with the rain. Dance like no one is watching.

5. Take a rainy day off and cook something special for your loved ones

How long has it been since you cooked something for everyone and sat together to have a meal? Well, now is the time. The whole family is enjoying the rainy day so make a home-cooked meal, everyone’s favorite and make them smile too.

6. Stay at home with the whole family and enjoy chai – pakoda and relive old days

Remember the time when your mom used to make special pakoda on a rainy day? Yes, time to relive those moments. Enjoy the rain from the balcony with a cup of tea and pakoda.

7. Watch old movies, hear old songs. This is the best time to go down your memory lane

Go down your memory lane and rewatch your favorite movie. Or play your rainy day playlist and dance to the beats. Nothing is more soothing than listening to good music.

8. Get in touch with your hidden talent again

Do you still remember what were your hobbies when you were a kid? You loved to paint, draw, sketch, craft, gardening, etc. Start doing it again, find your hidden talent.

9. Get comfy and read books

This one is best to just forget the reality and get lost in the fantasy world. Reread the books you love and go back to Hogwarts or Narnia. Or pick up a new book and visit a totally new adventurous fictional world.

10. Complete your months remaining sleep if nothing above excites you

I can totally understand if you too lazy and tired and nothing above excites you. Trust me you are not alone. Get your remaining sleep which you were cravings for months.

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