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Mumbai Police Uses “MATURE BAG” Meme To Spread Awareness. It Is Hilarious


Mumbai Police Uses “MATURE BAG” Meme To Spread Awareness. It Is Hilarious

Mumbai Police’s official Twitter account is almost a meme page now, with over four million followers. If you are not following them then make sure the next thing you are doing is scrolling down their official page to witness all the trending memes that they are using to promote awareness.

Mumbai Police is known for adding a dash of humour to every tweet of theirs to keep the citizens updated. Recently Mumbai Police shared a witty tweet on their official twitter handle reporting about suspicious bags.

The tweet reads, Nothing makes a person more attractive than his/her alertness towards keeping the city safe. #Dial100.

It meant to explain that no matter what a person spots an “attractive, sporty, versatile, mature or stylish” bag. If it’s lying unattended then you need to immediately report it to the officials.

Did you guys get the relevance here? Well, Mumbai Police got the idea of “attractive bag” from a video of a boy which went viral on Facebook. In the video, the young boy explained his strategy of feeling ‘attractive’. You can watch the video here:

Desi Twitter is garnering a lot of praises online for the marvellous sense of humour of Mumbai Police:











Mumbai Police take a bow!

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