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Mumbai Police’s Witty & Catchy Tweet On Importance Of Mask Amid Coronavirus Is Bang On


Mumbai Police’s Witty & Catchy Tweet On Importance Of Mask Amid Coronavirus Is Bang On

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes in our lifestyle and we have to accept them whether we like it or not because prevention is always better than cure. The COVID-19 virus is contagious in nature so we need to be very cautious and ensure that whenever we go out of our house, we always wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

Almost all the countries of the world imposed lockdown in order to save their citizens and now is the time when the governments are not only trying to open the country but also deal with the virus in the same time. The government and many departments are trying their best to make people understand that their safety depends a lot on their conduct now and if they don’t follow the safety guidelines properly, they will be at the risk of catching the virus.

Mumbai Police, one of the best police organizations of the country, is also leaving no stone unturned in educating the citizens and it is using social media networks in a pretty effective manner to serve the purpose.

Recently, Mumbai Police made a tweet for making people realize the importance of mask as they compared the combination of mask and human with pav and vadaa, Kheema, Bhurji, etc. The caption used by Mumbai police was, “Always be pre’pav’ed!#NoMaskaOnlyMask”.

Here is the tweet:

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Vadaa pav, kheema pav, bhurji pav, etc. are favorite snacks of Mumbaikars and they love to dig their teeth in these dishes. Mumbai Police wanted to convey that as pav is essential to vadaa, kheema, bhurji, etc., mask is also essential to humans in the same manner.

In another tweet also, Mumbai Police talked about the importance of mask as it made a tweet in Marathi which loosely translates to,

“The mask is not an ornament for your face but is like a part of your body that is always with you and protects you from the corona. Make some healthy things a part of your daily life. Stay home, stay safe.”

Check out the tweet:

This was certainly one of the best ways to make people understand the importance of mask. Twitter also loved the tweet of Mumbai Police and appreciated them. Here are some of the selected reactions:








Mumbai is one of the worst affected cities of India as far as COVID-19 is concerned as more than 65K cases have been registered while more than 3.6K people have lost their lives in the city.

It is true that staying indoors is not an option for many people as they need to work to earn money but still it is possible to follow precautions and keep yourself safe.

Follow the guidelines and stay safe.

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