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Nagaland: Mob Breaks The Jail, Drags Out Rape Accused & Killed Him

Nagaland: Mob Breaks The Jail, Drags Out Rape Accused & Killed Him RVCJ Media


Nagaland: Mob Breaks The Jail, Drags Out Rape Accused & Killed Him

Another news is coming from Nagaland where a man accused of raping a girl, was beaten to death today after being pulled out of a jail by a mob at Dimapur in Nagaland.

Angry crowd had started rally against the rape case which was pending the court verdict. Angry people went into Jail where they were able to pull the rape accused from inside the bars. After taking rape accused from the Jail, angry crowd killed him.

The rape accused had brutally raped the victim several times on February 23 and was arrested the very next day following a complaint lodged by the victim.

The police force tried a lot to make the angry crowd cool by blank firing. Police even fired tear gas shells but failed to control the situation and mob were able to take the rapist from the Jail.

The accused was dragged naked to the main town and was brutally beaten by mob. He died after the injuries of beatings by the public, a senior official said.

An emergency cabinet meeting was held at 7 pm at the residential office of CM of Nagaland to control the situation in Dimapur.

The cabinet condemned the violent and brutal incident whereby the angry crowd took the law into their hands, leading to the death of the accused. They said people should not take the law in their hands. The cabinet also decided to form a high-level committee to inquire into this incident and find out what made angry crowd to take this step against the accused.

The committee would also inquire whether there was any public servant involved in helping the crowd which resulted into this violence and in turn the death of accused.

What do you think is this correct punishment for this heinous crime? Share your views in comments section below

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