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Nagpur Police Posts Creative Tweet To Alert People Over COVID Using Mona Lisa, See Viral Tweet


Nagpur Police Posts Creative Tweet To Alert People Over COVID Using Mona Lisa, See Viral Tweet

The police departments are making sure that they use social media networks in an effective manner in order to increase their reach and make maximum people aware about the crimes that are taking place nowadays as well as what precautions they should take to save themselves. However in times of the coronavirus pandemic, the police officials have also worked as COVID warriors and used all their resources for making people understand the importance of staying indoors during the lockdown.

The COVID-19 vaccination is going on in full swing in the country and all the departments along with the government are not only trying to educate people about the need of getting vaccinated but also encouraging them for doing it as soon as possible.

Recently, the Nagpur Police posted a tweet in which they used the famous painting of Mona-Lisa which was created by Leonardo da Vinci for the purpose of imparting education among people in regard to following the safety guidelines for COVID-19. The Nagpur Police made three photoshopped images of Mona Lisa – in the first image, Mona Lisa is seen wearing mask while in the second, she is seen with sanitizer and in the third one, she is seen getting vaccinated.

Check out the pics:

The photos were captioned as, “The Art of the Modern Times. #PandemicRenaissance #NagpurPolice”

Here is the tweet:

Twitter loved the tweet of the Nagpur Police and praised their creativity:

Getting vaccinated is very important for saving ourselves from the lethal virus, so get vaccinated whenever you get the chance to do so and even after vaccination, follow all safety measures, such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing and going out when it’s very necessary.

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