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“Namak Swad Anusar Aur Fine Aukat Anusar,” Indians Roast Pakistanis Over Slow Over Rate Fine


“Namak Swad Anusar Aur Fine Aukat Anusar,” Indians Roast Pakistanis Over Slow Over Rate Fine

The Indian team is going pretty strong in the Asia Cup 2022 as it has reached the Super Four stage after defeating both the teams of its group – Pakistan and Hong Kong. India will now play its next match on September 4 against the team that will win today’s match between Pakistan and Hong Kong.

While nothing can be said with confirmation but most probably it will be Pakistan which will face India once again on September 4 and this is certainly going to be a treat for cricket fans of both the nations.

If you remember, in the first match between India and Pakistan which was played on August 28, both the teams faced the problem of slow over rate because of which they had to place an extra fielder in the 30-yard circle in the last few overs. Other than this, the ICC match referee Jeff Crowe also slapped a fine of 40 percent of match fees on both the teams because they bowled 2 overs less in the stipulated period. As per the rules of the ICC, the bowling side is fined with 20 percent of the match fees for every over that they fail to bowl within the deadline.

Though the punishment given to both the teams is equal, there is a big difference in the amount of fine that has to be paid by both the teams. While the Indian squad has to pay an amount of Rs. 13.20 lakh, the Pakistani cricket team will be paying Rs. 5.92 lakh as fine.

There are two reasons behind difference in the amount of fine – first, there is no doubt that the Pakistani cricketers earn quite less in comparison to the Indian cricketers and secondly, the Pakistani currency is also weaker in comparison to the Indian currency (1 Indian rupee = 2.74 Pakistan rupee).

However, this gave an opportunity to the online users to poke some fun on Pakistan in regard to its struggling economy.

Check out some reactions:















Indian fans leave no chance of trolling Pakistanis and their country and this time they are at their best once again, what do you say?

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