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Namita Thapar Slams Toxic Work Culture & People Working Long Hours & We Can’t Agree More


Namita Thapar Slams Toxic Work Culture & People Working Long Hours & We Can’t Agree More

The work culture in India is certainly very demanding as companies want their employees to work for long hours, take minimum leaves, attend office even if they are sick, etc. and what makes an employee obey the demand of organizations is the bitter truth that there are many people waiting for replacing him if the employer fires him.

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What makes things worse is that many entrepreneurs especially the young ones try to boast of working long hours for their startups or brands, not because they are workaholic but because they love the grind. Such entrepreneurs promote toxic work culture in the country, in fact they normalize it and this gives an impression to the younger generation that working long hours, not having time for family, not having time for proper meals, not having work-life balance, etc. is not bad but it is what makes a person successful.

The good thing is that few intelligent Indian entrepreneurs have talked about the repercussions of toiling the body and mind heavily and asked companies to ensure a healthy work culture in order to keep their employees happy and productive.

Recently Namita Thapar, whom we saw on the business reality show Shark Tank India season 1 as a judge and who is also the Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, opened up on this matter and expressed her opinion on the micro-blogging site Twitter. She categorically states that working for long hours, travelling a lot or having no time for family is not a badge of honour. She further asks organizations to fix work-life balance so that we can have mentally fit and productive generation next.

This is what we tweeted, “Stop wearing ‘I work long hours, I travel a lot, I have no time for family’ as a badge of honour, let’s fix work life balance at all companies so we have a mentally fit & more productive generation next that get quality time & involvement from both parents.”

Twitterati also agreed with what Namita Thapar tweeted and some of them shared their stories or opinions as well. Here are some selected reactions:












What are your views on this matter? Do you also agree with Namita Thapar?

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