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Narendra Modi & His Fashion Sense Can Give Anyone A Run For Their Money

Narendra Modi & His Fashion Sense Can Give Anyone A Run For Their Money RVCJ Media


Narendra Modi & His Fashion Sense Can Give Anyone A Run For Their Money

Indian fashion scenario has been going all the way up after the Bollywood circuit has decided to take the notch a bit higher by adorning high-end brands and coming out of the cocoon. But what has impressed us is the style statement that our very own “Ache-Din” Flag-bearer Mr.Narendra Modi is adorning. Not only has he made the crowd in foreign waters swoon over his aim and policies but also the dressing sense that he carries is unbelievable for a politician specially an Indian politician.

From the time of his campaign to the existing scenario, Mr. Modi has left everyone chanting Namo Namo!! so, how could we be left far behind. Here is all those moments when Mr.Modi did not disappoint us, and turned into a complete Hero!

1. Narendra & His Self Obsession Was Clearly Evident In This Suit He Wore, Which Became A Real News In India.



2. Pink Never Looked This Better, & Being A Politician And Carrying This Color Takes Real Courage & Modi Just Proved His Mantle


3. Our PM Has Always Encountered A Tryst With Turbans & We Are Not Complaining Either


4. Be It Pink Kurta Or The All Time Favorite Bandh Gala Suit, Modi Knows How To Slip Into Them

China 2

5. When Mr.Modi Was In China, He Hit The Headline More Often For His Attire Than The International Relation


6. When In UAE, Narendra Modi Managed To Keep His Personality Very Much Alive & True To An Authentic Indian


7. Now, This One Look Of His Gave Way To Paparazzi & Much Limelight To His Dressing Style

In Jeans

8. Daper Suits, or The Much Famous Nehru Jacket, NaMo Carries Each Attire With An Elan


9. & The Tyrst With Turban Continues, Except The One Which Everyone Is Eagerly Waiting To See, When Will Mr. Modi Wear That. Well! To Some Questions There Are No Answers

Question Mark

Which look of our Prime Minister did you like the most? Being a politician in India is a difficult task, and carrying all the responsibility that comes with it in style is a far more demanding task!

Please share with your friends & go Gaga over NaMo.

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