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NASA Confirms Existence Of Aliens. Here’s The Location & Report


NASA Confirms Existence Of Aliens. Here’s The Location & Report

Earlier, NASA had denied the existence of Aliens, however, a new study has something else to say.

New reports by NASA are out, which say that Aliens might be existing in the acid clouds of Venus planet. Moreover, NASA also said that the planet is the most inhospitable one.

Dark patches have been found in the Venus clouds. Many space probes have discovered them. Also, the light absorbing properties of these patches is said to be similar to that of bacteria which you find on Earth.

Scientist Sanjay Limaye says,

“Venus shows some episodic dark, sulfuric rich patches, with contrasts up to 30-40 percent in the ultraviolet, and muted in longer wavelengths.”

He further says that these patches remain for days but keep changing their contrasts and shape constantly.

It is said that this alien life could only be microbes. The size of Venus is similar to us, but its surface is extremely inhospitable.

Even the temperature is double than that of kitchen oven; on Venus, it rains sulphuric acid.

Talking about the survival, these scientists say,

“Microbes may survive by being blown around by winds in the cooler cloud tops.”

Let us wait for further investigation on this.

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