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National TV Reporter & Twitter Slammed Zaira Wasim For These Reasons. Whom Do You Support?


National TV Reporter & Twitter Slammed Zaira Wasim For These Reasons. Whom Do You Support?

Every news channel is covering the molestation case of Zaira Wasim in a Vistara flight. As per Zaira, 39-yr Vikas Sachdeva molested her by rubbing his foot on her back and neck and nobody came to her rescue.

The accused was arrested by the police and booked under the relevant sections; however, many sections of the media are also questioning the delay made by Zaira in reporting the case and that too, on her Instagram account and not in a police station.

The situation and manner in which she is alleging to be harassed are also under the scanner and a National TV reporter Jagrati Shukla and Data Scientist Gaurav Pradhan have slammed her for creating this drama just to get publicity.




In a series of tweet, Jagrati Shukla has raised questions on the story told by the 17 years old actress and also pointed out that Zaira was travelling with her mother.

She asked as to how it can happen that the mother-daughter remained silent and went through such a horrible experience.

Gaurav Pradhan has also asked her by showing the seating position in an airline as to how it is possible for any person to put his feet on her neck and back until and unless she is sitting on the armrest.

It is not just these two who have raised questions but many other Twitter users are questioning the logic behind the allegations and some are terming it as an etiquette problem rather than molestation.

Killing two birds with one stone?

What will be legal punishment for her?

Why this discrimination?

Is she the same minor?

She’s a big drama:

Irony at its best:

Many users questioned about her mother:

It’s just about bad manners:

Why didn’t she express her displeasure and ask him to back off?

What are the laws to protect men?

Why didn’t she change her seat?

We don’t know whose side of story to believe. Let’s wait for law to take its course before announcing any verdict on social media. However, one thing that we all want is that the guilty should be punished and the innocent should get justice.

What do you have to say? Let us know your views.

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