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Negotiation With Your Internet Service Provider

Negotiation With Your Internet Service Provider RVCJ Media


Negotiation With Your Internet Service Provider

Sometimes, internet companies will increase your bill after you’ve been with the company for a few months or at the end of your contract. This increase is usually gradual so that it’s not noticed right away. With some companies, you might notice a significant increase at one time with claims that it’s attributed to a better connection or higher speeds. If you don’t want to change internet providers, there are a few ways that you can negotiate with the company to try to get your bill lowered.


You can usually lower your bill by asking to decrease your internet speed. The higher speeds are typically more expensive because you’re asking for the company to provide a better connection for your home than it does for another home. Look at how much you download and upload as well as some of the tasks that you perform with the internet in your home or business to get a better idea as to the internet speed that you can comfortably have. You’ll likely find that the speed can be lowered without impacting what you do each day.

Be Nice

When talking with the provider, you want to be as polite as possible instead of being mean and demanding. If you can talk to each other like adults, then you’ll find that most companies want to work with customers and are willing to offer a lower rate instead of losing the customer altogether. Even if the representative is rude, you still need to try to maintain your composure and can always speak with a supervisor if you feel that the representative isn’t professional.


When you have internet service connected, you’ll usually be asked if you want to use the provider’s equipment. If at all possible, try to use your own modem and router. This will usually save you money each month as many companies attach fees to your bill while you use their equipment. If you’ve been using the company’s equipment and you send it back, then you need to let someone know as soon as possible so that the portion of your bill associated with the modem and router is removed.


Sometimes, you might enjoy using one company much more than another. This is when you can negotiate with the company to get a better deal by bundling multiple services. Most internet providers can offer internet, television, and phone services together so that you only have one bill each month. As you add more services together, you can usually save even more money on your bill. Pay attention to the channels that are offered with the television service. If you stream services, you want to make sure to eliminate the streaming or the television so that you don’t pay for the same channels through two bills.


When you tell your internet provider that you’ve found a cheaper service somewhere else, then you’ll usually find that the provider will offer to lower your bill so that you stay with the company. Most companies don’t want to lose customers because they’ll lose revenue. They would rather offer a lower monthly rate so that they can keep that customer and possibly gain new customers once you refer the provider to others instead of you telling other people not to use the provider because you can’t negotiate.

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