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Netizens Flood Social Media With Soan Papdi Memes Ahead Of Diwali & It’s Damn Relatable


Netizens Flood Social Media With Soan Papdi Memes Ahead Of Diwali & It’s Damn Relatable

This year’s Diwali will be a little different from all other Diwalis that we have celebrated due to the coronavirus pandemic but there are some things which are pretty intact this year as well. For example, each household will definitely indulge in Diwali Ki Safai and every person must be thinking about Diwali bonus. There is one more thing which will remain pretty same in this Diwali and that is our love for delicious sweets. Festivals are a great time to dig our teeth in mouth-watering sweet delicacies and we will be doing it this year as well. How can we forget to mention the boxes of Soan Papdi that are exchanged as gifts?

The Indian Twitterati has an opinion on almost everything and they are pretty talented as well to express it in a funny manner. The online users started posting memes on the importance of Soan Papdi in the Indian festival of Diwali and these reactions are pretty relatable:

While we should celebrate the festival with full zeal and enthusiasm, we should also make sure that we keep ourselves safe from the coronavirus pandemic by following all the precautionary measures. We should also be selective in shopping as staying in crowded places increases the risk of getting infected, so it is better to finish shopping quickly yet keeping in mind social distancing.

Many people are not serious in regard to the coronavirus pandemic, they are not even wearing masks so it is better to stay away from such people and inform the concerned authorities about them.

Have you bought the box of Soan Papdi for your family members, relatives and friends?

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