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New Mumbai-Delhi Expressway Will Reduce The Travel Time To Only 12 Hours


New Mumbai-Delhi Expressway Will Reduce The Travel Time To Only 12 Hours

If you need to travel regularly from Delhi to Mumbai or Mumbai to Delhi, there is very good news for you. At present, you must be taking the train route and it takes 16 hours if you travel via Rajdhani Express but very soon you will prefer to take the road route.

As of now, it takes 20 hours to cover the 1400km journey from the national capital to financial capital via road but now the government is working on a plan to construct a Greenfield expressway that will reduce the journey time by 8 hours.

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It means that it will take only 12 hours to travel from Delhi to Mumbai after this Greenfield Expressway comes in place.

Something similar is going to happen on the Mumbai-Nagpur route as  the government is planning to connect these cities with an expressway and the travel time will come down to 8 hours from present 14 hours.

The vehicles will be allowed to go above the speed of 120 kph on these expressways which mean that the quality of tarmac used on these expressways will be better than that used in Yamuna Expressway and Agra-Lucknow Expressway as the top speed allowed on them is 100 kph and 120 kph, respectively.

These expressways are being made under the program of Bharatmala Pariyojna and as per the Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari, the government will make sure that they pass through areas that are less-developed, resulting in reduced cost to government as the cost of land in such areas is cheap in comparison to developed areas. As these expressways will pass through less developed areas, the chances of low local traffic are high that will not only help drivers to keep a consistent speed at the expressways but also result in less accidents.

The first phase of construction is in full swing and in the beginning, Jaipur will be connected with the Gurugram Ring Road that will take approximately 15 months to get complete. In the same manner, Mumbai and Vadodara will be connected while in next phase, Jaipur will be connected to Kota and then Jaipur will be connected to Vadodara in the next phase.

Isn’t it a great news?


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