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New Twist In Zaira Wasim Case: A Co-Passenger Claims That The Accused Is Innocent


New Twist In Zaira Wasim Case: A Co-Passenger Claims That The Accused Is Innocent

Zaira Wasim molestation case has been making headlines and a majority of people seems to stand in favour of the 17 years old actress; however, now there is a twist in the case.

A co-passenger who was travelling in the business class in the same flight, in which Zaira and the accused Vikas Sachdeva were travelling, has given a statement to police and said that Vikas is innocent.

As per TOI, here’s what the co-passenger told the Sahar police,

“I was seated in the same… class in which the actor and the suspect (Sachdeva) flew from Delhi. The suspect did not seem to have done anything apart from his act of keeping his legs on the armrest of the seat where the actor was seated.”


The co-passenger does not know Vikas personally and has clearly stated that he didn’t see Vikas doing anything which can be termed as misbehaviour or molestation.

He further stated,

“I saw Sachdeva doze off immediately after he settled in his seat after boarding the flight at Delhi. His fault was he kept his legs on the armrest, which was wrong. I did not see him misbehaving. He also apologized when the actor shouted at him when the flight landed at Mumbai airport and the matter was settled then.”

On Saturday, the actress posted a video on Instagram, alleging that she had been molested in Delhi-Mumbai flight and after this, 39-yr Vikas Sachdeva was taken into custody by the Mumbai police.

We don’t want to be judgmental as of now but a simple question arises in our minds. If it turns out that the accused was innocent, how would it be justified that he was put in lock-up just because a video had been posted against him? Shouldn’t proper investigation be carried out before detaining him? Let us know your views in this regard.


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