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Newspaper Publishes 100% Same Predictions For All 12 Zodiac Signs, Gets Trolled On Twitter


Newspaper Publishes 100% Same Predictions For All 12 Zodiac Signs, Gets Trolled On Twitter

There are many people in this world who like to do each and every work after their knowing the correct timing as per their horoscopes and on the other hand, there is also no shortage of those who don’t even believe in horoscopes.

The daily horoscopes which are published in newspaper or websites are of great help to the horoscope believers as they help them in planning their day accordingly, however the chances of it being correct are very less as it is a general horoscope of each Zodiac and it can’t be true for everyone. However, there are many who like to read these daily horoscopes just for fun whereas for several others, it has become a habit. But what will you do if you see that every Zodiac has the same prediction for future?

Yes, you read it right! Something of this sort happened in the newspaper Bangalore Mirror of 17th May as each Zodiac had the same prediction.

The photo of the horoscope page was posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter by an author-columnist Nandita Iyer with the caption, “We are all in the same boat irrespective of our Zodiac sign / today’s Bangalore Mirror :)”.

Soon someone revealed that the situation in Pune Mirror is also the same:

Well, there is a probability that it may be some printing error because of which all the zodiacs gave the same prediction. However, Twitterati soon started expressing themselves; there were some who said that there is nothing wrong in it as we are all in the same boat literally because of the critical situation that has developed due to the coronavirus pandemic while some others made fun of the newspaper for publishing without proof-reading.

Here are some of the selected reactions:











What is your take in this regard? Do you read horoscopes in the newspaper?

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