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Next Time, #DontLookAway

Next Time, #DontLookAway RVCJ Media


Next Time, #DontLookAway

Engaged. In today’s age, everyone is preoccupied with something. Some with work, some with responsibilities and some with themselves.
But does that give us the liberty to conveniently ‘unsee’ something blatantly wrong right in front of our eyes?
Are we that superficial that we won’t raise our voice to correct a wrong happening right in front of us, but later on criticize our own country, saying that it will never change?
The onus is on you. Act. The moment you look away from a crime happening right in front of you, you lose out on the right to criticize our country. We need good samaritans, not mere spectators.”You’re either a part of the solution, or a part of the problem”Next time, #DontLookAway.

A beautiful video by the Bachpan Bachao Andolan.

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