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Not Only Actors But These Bollywood Actresses Have Also Married Twice Or Thrice

Not Only Actors But These Bollywood Actresses Have Also Married Twice Or Thrice RVCJ Media

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Not Only Actors But These Bollywood Actresses Have Also Married Twice Or Thrice

Gone are the days when a woman was supposed to spend her whole life with just one man whom her parents chose. No matter how troubled, loveless or sorrowful her married life is, she had to tolerate all the pain and if she wanted to get separated, she had to go through unfavourable comments from society.

However, things have changed a lot now and women today don’t shy away from raising their voices against any wrong thing. If they feel that they are not comfortable in a relationship despite making efforts, they try to free themselves from the shackle and make a new beginning. Life is beautiful and worth living and it shouldn’t be wasted while crying and making complaints. Agree?

In this article, we have listed out 5 Bollywood actresses whose first marriage was not successful and hence they got married twice or even thrice!

1. Bindiya Goswami

Bindiya’s love life had a lot of twists and turns and it won’t be wrong to say that a Bollywood movie can be made on it. She was attracted towards Vinod Mehra who was already married and as her parents didn’t accept their relationship, she allegedly eloped and tied the knot with him. Even more interestingly, Vinod didn’t take divorce from Meena Broca, his first wife, at that time.

Things got settled but for a very short time as Bindiya once again fell in love with JP Dutta. Amazingly, she was already married to Vinod but got eloped with Dutta and didn’t wish to come back. Finally, Bindiya and JP Dutta got married and are blessed with two daughters.

2. Kirron Kher

Kirron and Anupam Kher make a lovely couple undoubtedly but many people might not know that it’s the second wedding of both. Kirron was earlier married to Gautam Berry who is a businessman by profession.

However, her first marriage didn’t work out and she tied knot with Anupam Kher. Anupam was her best friend and she got to know him when she was doing theatre in Chandigarh. His first marriage also had ups and down, just like that of Kirron. Nevertheless, in the beginning, they were merely friends but gradually Anupam fell for her and proposed to the actress.

Kirron once revealed that Anupam came to her and here’s what he said,

“I want to talk to you. I think I have fallen in love with you.”

She took divorce from her first husband and got hitched to Anupam in the year 1985. The most loving thing was that Anupam readily accepted her son named Sikandar from the first marriage. They are happily married ever since and Kirron stills calls the actor the “most romantic man”.

3. Neelima Azeem

Neelima’s story is little different as she got hitched not once or twice but thrice. Yes, you read it right! The actress firstly married Pankaj Kapoor with whom she has a son Shahid Kapoor. A rift came in their relationship and the couple parted ways when Shahid was only 3. Later, Neelima got hitched to Rajesh Khattar and with this marriage, she has one more son Ishaan Khattar. Unfortunately, this marriage also didn’t work and the couple got divorced in 2001.

Finally she got married to her childhood friend Ustaad Raza Ali Khan and rumours have been doing rounds that the couple has got separated due to the ever-increasing fight between them. However, Neelima has rubbished the rumours and said that they are not separated but Raza is staying in Kolkata for work while she has to stay in Mumbai due to her movies.

4. Yogeeta Bali

Not Only Actors But These Bollywood Actresses Have Also Married Twice Or Thrice RVCJ Media


The actress married Kishore Kumar in 1976 and surprisingly, it was the third wedding of Kishore. All didn’t go well between the couple and Yogeeta fell in love with Mithun Chakraborty while shooting for “Khwab”. She took divorce from Kishore in 1978 and the next year, she got hitched to Mithun who also had seen failure in his first marriage with Helena Luke.

5. Neelam Kothari

The actress fell for a rich businessman’s son named Rishi Sethia and despite objections from his family, the couple tied the knot in 2000. Nevertheless, their married life didn’t work and they got separated. After some time, Ekta Kapoor introduced her to Samir Soni, an actor by profession. He also had a troubled marriage with model Rajlakshmi Khanvilkar; however, he found love in Neelam and vice-versa and eventually, the couple got hitched in 2011 after dating for almost three years.

As per Samir,

“We had it at the back of our minds but we both had our own personal issues to deal with. We wanted to be comfortable with each other before marrying.”

Do you know about more such Bollywood actresses who got married more than once? Let us know.

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