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Office Ethics: 10 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Boss


Office Ethics: 10 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Boss

You are in the phase of your life where you have a job, family, relationship and lots of responsibility. At times you need someone to rely upon, to cry on his shoulder, to share everything. But don’t make your boss your support system. You might think of him/her as a friendly boss, but he is your senior and for him, you are his employee.

So here are the things you should never say to your boss as these may give away negative about you.

1. About your relationship troubles

No matter how rough your life is going and how close you are with your boss, don’t open up about your relationship in front of him. This might ease your pain but your boss’s thinking about you will change.

2. About your family issues

Your parents are fighting too much, your children don’t listen to you, your wife doesn’t understand you. Well, all this is none of your boss’ problem. So keep it to yourself.

3. About your financial problems

You have too many responsibilities so you face financial problems at the end of the month. A lot of people do but that doesn’t mean that you go to your boss and cry rivers about it. Your boss will get the idea that either you are a cry baby or can’t manage your finances properly.

4. What you think about your co-workers

If you have any problem with your co-worker, tell that to him/her. Don’t complain about them to your boss. It will paint you bad not them.

5. If you are finding a new job

Everyone wants to move forward and looks for better opportunities. And if you are not content with your company or workplace, you look for better jobs. But don’t tell that to your boss. If he finds out that you are going to leave, he will try to find someone to replace you as soon as possible.

6. About your mental health or ongoing sickness, if not serious

We all have stress and pressure at some point in our lives. Too much work, family responsibilities, financial problems sometimes get you in depression. But your mental condition is just your problem, no need to tell it your boss or colleagues.

7. That you have a crush on him/her

Yes, sometimes you develop feelings for your boss and any senior but expressing them is not a good idea.

8. Bitching about your old boss

You might think that what will happen if you tell your current boss about how bad your ex-boss was, but it will put you in a bad light. He will get the idea that you are a back bitcher and you will talk the same about him to your next boss.

9. About your past

Once you were high on weed and were caught by the police driving high, and you had to spend a night in jail. This might be a funny incident for you but your boss might not think the same. He will judge you by your past.

10. That you are bored at work

Never ever tell your boss that you are getting bored in the office. If you don’t have work, ask for some or just wait quietly for the assignment. But don’t just go blabbering that you are bored. You boss will think of you as a liability aftre that.

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