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Oh So This Is The Science Behind Pouring Water On The Shivalinga ! Read It Out!


Oh So This Is The Science Behind Pouring Water On The Shivalinga ! Read It Out!

Shiva is the purifier of the world and destroyer of impurities. He is capable of purifying even the worst energies. This is the reason why all Demons and Gods worship him.

Well, you all must be aware that since olden times, there has been a tradition of pouring milk or water on Shivalinga, isn’t it? However, have you tried understanding the science behind it? Many people criticize this act and say that it is nothing but wasting of resources. However, there are 2 reasons behind the same; let us explain!


The physical reason!

Wherever the Shivalinga is worshipped, it is known to purify and clean the atmosphere there. Even the bad energy in that atmosphere is destroyed. These energies are hot and the dirtier they get, the hotter they become. Now, since these hot energies are constantly passing through Shivalinga, it becomes very hot and hence, constant pouring of water or milk is needed for keeping it cool. When the Shivalinga is cool, it works better towards purification.

Let us give you an example in this regards! With a hot head, can you take decisions wisely? Well, surely not! Our brain doesn’t work properly at all. Only with a cool head, proper decisions can be taken.

The subtle reason!

Understanding the entire subtle process is quite complicated. Basically our body comprises of 5 elements:- Earth or Prithvi; Water or Jal ; Fire or Agni; Air or Vayu and then Ether or Akasha. There are several chakras that are responsible for regulating the elements inside. However, proper balance of these elements is essential for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Water element = Worldly desires (Regulated by Swadhisthana Chakra)
Earth element = Physical body ( Regulated by Mooladhar Chakra)


Moreover, there is an important chakra at the forehead termed ‘Aagya Chakra’ and this is a place, where 2 nadis i.e. Pingala and Ida meet. This is considered to be a place of Shiva. This is the place where our brain lies and which controls the entire body. You can say that being the main seat of Shiva, Aagya Chakra which is considered to be treasure of pleasure.

In our life which is filled with illness, stress and desires, often the balance of these elements is lost. When water is poured on the Shivalinga, we are actually pouring it on our Aagya Chakra (Shiva’s main seat), wherein the energy starts growing. Owing to this positive movement of energy, there is purification of thinking. Though the water is being poured on a physical level, it is actually being poured at a subtle level. This definitely results in good physical and mental health.

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