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This Old Video Of Varun Dhawan Will Give You Serious Inspiration If You Consider Yourself NOTHING

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This Old Video Of Varun Dhawan Will Give You Serious Inspiration If You Consider Yourself NOTHING

There is no denying the fact that our ID Card passport size photographs and childhood pictures are cute as well as embarrassing in many ways. It is cute because back then while being shot for the photograph, we had no tension or stress and the smile that we had put on was simply the most genuine smile. It can be embarrassing too, may be because the the photographer didn’t select the perfect shutter speed with good light settings along with nice camera angle and yes, how can we forget the perfect touch up by the best beauty enhancing cosmetic – PHOTOSHOP. Always remember that when you were innocent, nothing was embarrassing.

A video of Varun Dhawan went viral on Internet. Well, almost all of his instagram video are ought to go viral because of his big fan following. But this video is something different. The video which was recorded when Varun Dhawan was not the person that we know him today. A simple guy or more of a typical nerd.

Watch the video and see it for yourself.

Wasn’t that motivational. A guy who looked like THAT, looking like THIS today.

varun dhawan

This video footage is part of a show ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai’ which was hosted by late Farooq Shaikh where he interviewed David Dhawan. In this video Varun Dhawan is seen talking about his dad and his desires that if he ever get a chance to born again in this world, he wants God to bless him the same DAD.

This video indeed gives us a hope that no matter how rough are the tides, it will definitely change. First of all I would like all of my readers to embrace what you are, what you have been and what you are going to be because what we are or were or will be is a very unique thing in its own way. Even if you are a nerd or a self proclaimed ‘BORING PERSON’, you are good in your own way and you don’t need to change yourself for the world.

happy life

May be you are skinny or just too fat. May be you are Bald or just have too much of white hair. May be you have a dark skin or just too short. But these things shouldn’t stop you from aiming to your goal. Body shaming is something that has destroyed millions of lives without making its presence felt.

Whatever you learn during that phase of your life, helps you to stay on ground. It helps you to work hard towards excellence and prove it that you are not a loser. You are not somebody who is a punching bag for bullying. You are unique, beautiful and powerful. And these qualities can never be defined as a physical entity in the form of skin color, body shape or the way your tongue rolls ( Language Fluency).

It’s your mindset that defines your nature, your intelligence and your command. It’s your commitment that will sail you through the rough tides of life and help you achieve something greater than what those bullies can’t even imagine.

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