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OMG! These 10 Beautiful Women Were Born As Male


OMG! These 10 Beautiful Women Were Born As Male

Did the spoon dropped down, smelling the title? Anyhow we never manage to know about the gorgeous ladies walking on runway was actually born as male. You won’t believe this, but these transsexual women’s have become common and also have made their place getting featured in many leading Magazines. Have a look here –

1. Claudia Charriez

She is among the top leading models of America and this is hard to believe that Claudia was born with a Male reproductive Organ.

2. Lea T

Transexuality certainly didn’t make the Brazilian hot model to move down from her way. She is the lace of famous fashion house Givenchy
3_lea-t Source

3. Andrej Pejic

You won’t believe when you actually look at this super-hot model from Australia. She called her popularity by the way she pulls men and women’s trends on the runways.
4_andrej-andrej-pejic-33138713-680-1024 Source

4. Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

Famous as ‘Sammy’ all over world, she is the winner of Miss International Queen Pageant which was held for transsexual contestants only.
5 Source

5. Chamila Asanka

Chamila has also been a contestant at Miss International Queen Pageant and she is among the hottest and sexiest leading models today.
6 Source

6. Caroline “Tula” Cossey

She is an upcoming English model who have played few minor roles in movies and as also boldly expressed herself as “A proud women” in an autobiography.
7 Source

7. Jeena Talakcova

She is perhaps the most beautiful model with innocent looks. The women faced many controversies after her Transexuality made news.
8 Source

8. Malika

Malika has gone through more than four surgeries and operations to get completely transform herself into a woman. She is the first women from India to step a transgendered competition.
9 Source

9. Nong Poy

Nong Poy is a Thai actress and a model, being frustrated with her male organs she underwent a sex change surgery at the age of 17, which was a rebirth for her.
10 Source

10. Carla Antonelli

She is a Spanish model and hopefully the first transgendered person to be appointed in the legislature of Spain. She runs a website supporting transsexual people.
11 Source

Knock you head and believe the facts, yes these gorgeous models were born as Men.

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