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OMG! She Planted 500 Plants In Her Apartment And Has Made It An Indoor Jungle!


OMG! She Planted 500 Plants In Her Apartment And Has Made It An Indoor Jungle!

We all love Plants. Of course, due to them only we are able to breathe but taking care of plants is a different thing. Having your own plant and taking care of it, watching it grow day by day is a wonderful experience. If you have any type of plant and are serious about it then you surely take good care of it and as it’s the monsoon season the water on the leaves and watching it drop down is an amazing experience one can have. In this post, we would be introducing you to a woman who planted 500 Plants In Her Apartment And Has Made It An Indoor Jungle! It’s going to be an interesting read! So, keep reading to know more.

An environmental scientist , Summer Rayne Oakes has done something magnificent which we all will be shocked to know! She has made her 1,200 sqft apartment more attractive by planting 500 plants and it’s ranging from herbs to vegetables, just everything! She said to a Modern Farmer that “I think that the only way I’ve really been able to survive in New York is by surrounding myself with plants,” She indeed proved her statement.

If you take a look at her luxurious apartment, you will come to know that every room overflows with verdant foliage. If you take a look at her living room, it has jars of plants. Now, let’s take a look at her bedroom, you will find that it has a living wall and tendrils falling down from a height. You will also find an entire vegetable garden in her closet! So, want to know more? We care for you so we have some amazing pictures for you of her indoor jungle! Check it out below!

What a Cool Place to live!

Indoor Jungle

Want to move there? I surely want to! What a comfortable and good looking surrounding!

Indoor Jungle

Beautiful Bathroom!

Indoor Jungle

A Big Salute to you!

Indoor Jungle

So what do you think about this wonderful environmental scientist? I have become her true fan and from our team, we give her a big salute! What do you think about this women? Did you like her extraordinary work? If yes, let us know in the comments below and If you have also planted plants, you can share your plant journey with us! We would love to hear from you!

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