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Online Punishment: Boon or Bane?

Online Punishment: Boon or Bane? RVCJ Media


Online Punishment: Boon or Bane?

A Mother took it upon herself to punish her son, who had disrespected a teacher in school. When the son was made to walk around his class carrying books over his head chanting ‘I will not disrespect my teacher’, she recorded it and uploaded it on Facebook.
Her son can be heard crying in the audio.
A new trend is emerging in Social media sites which involves parents making their children hold signs that are apologetic in nature and then later uploading them on Facebook.
The opinions towards embarrassing children on the Internet as a punishment have strong points on either side.

While some feel by doing so, the parents can be assured that the offence will not be repeated, the others feel that embarrassment on the internet could possibly lead to an adverse emotional impact.
Many child psychology experts have mentioned that embarrassment may seem beneficial in the short term, but it may have a very adverse long term effect.
On the other hand, these children have been caught and have admitted to doing something wrong. Not punishing them would only make them repeat their act.



What do you think?
Who is the bully?
Are the parents right in punishing their children in such a manner?
Or is it extremely bad for their kids to do so?
Comment and let us know.

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