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Only 9 Countries In The World Have Nuclear Missiles & India Is One Of Them

Only 9 Countries In The World Have Nuclear Missiles & India Is One Of Them RVCJ Media


Only 9 Countries In The World Have Nuclear Missiles & India Is One Of Them

Nuclear missiles are considered one of the biggest threats to the future of the world. As the times are changing, more and more countries are joining the race of having nuclear missiles and doing their nuclear tests.

India is also a part of the list of major nuclear states in the world and continues to expand its nuclear power. In fact, an upcoming Bollywood film Parmanu is based on India’s last Nuclear Test that happened in 1998 and is known as Parmanu II.

The Nuclear Test that happened under the leadership of Late Abdul Kalam is the true example of Intelligence and Bravery. It was a series of 5 continuous detonations of which the first was a fusion explosion and the remaining four were fission.

Have a look at the list of countries which own nuclear missiles-

1. USA

The USA owns around 6,550 nuclear missiles and they have done as many as 1030 nuclear tests. First test by USA was performed in July 1945 and last in September 1992.

2. Russia

Russia has performed around 715 nuclear tests and own 6,800 approx missiles. Their first nuclear test happened in August 1949 and last in October 1990.

3. China

Total 45 approx nuclear tests have been performed by China and they own 270 approx nuclear missiles. China performed first test in October 1964 and last in July 1996.

4. France

France is also among the Top nuclear states. They own around 300 nuclear missiles and 210 approx nuclear tests have been carried out by them. First test was performed by them in February 1960 and last in January 1996.

5. United Kingdom

UK has carried out around 45 nuclear tests and own 215 approx nuclear missiles.They first carried out the test in October 1952 and last in November 1991.

6. India

India owns around 130 nuclear missiles and has done 3 nuclear tests. We carried out 1st test in May 1974 and last in May 1998.

7. Israel

Israel hasn’t performed any nuclear test but they own around 80 nuclear missiles.

8. Pakistan

Pakistan owns around 140 nuclear missiles and has carried out 2 nuclear tests so far. This count is officially not verified by any agency but Pakistan claims that they have more nuclear missiles than India. Their only confirmed test happened in May 1998.

9. North Korea

North Korea owns 10 to 20 nuclear missiles and has carried out 6 approx nuclear tests. They performed first test in October 2006 and last in September 2017.

The thrilling story of India’s 1998 nuclear test is shown in upcoming film Parmanu. The John Abraham and Diana Penty starrer will hit the cinemas on 25th May.

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