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“Paise Bhi Milte Hain?” Reacts Twitter As Someone Asks If They Got Paid To Do House Chores As Kids


“Paise Bhi Milte Hain?” Reacts Twitter As Someone Asks If They Got Paid To Do House Chores As Kids

There is no denying the fact that childhood is the best phase of our lives as we have no responsibilities to fulfill, no stress of earning money, etc. Kids are only supposed to study, play and have fun but as they grow, their parents start asking them to help in some household chores in order to make them learn some new things; for example, children are asked to keep their room clean, their shoes and socks on the prescribed places so that the house looks clean and kids also learn the importance of cleanliness in house.

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However, the range of tasks increases further as kids grow up because parents want their kids to have a helping attitude towards others. Household chores may be boring for little ones but there is no denying the fact that they do help them in learning some important lessons of life. Nevertheless, we have never asked anyone or even thought to have been paid for doing chores of our own home.

Well, there is one Western Twitter user who has made a tweet asking everyone whether they have been paid for doing the household chores.

Here is the tweet:

Undoubtedly, this is a little unusual for Desi Twitterati as we are taught that everybody has to fulfill their duties in the home out of love and affection for each other but the foreign netizens have reacted in a big manner. While some said that they were given free food, free house, free Internet, etc. in exchange of completing the household chores, there were few who asked whether they were really supposed to be paid.

Check out some of the selected tweets:












Have you also been paid ever to do household chores? If yes, how much?

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