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Pakistan Said They Shot Down India’s Spy Drone. Got Trolled Buri Tarah Se


Pakistan Said They Shot Down India’s Spy Drone. Got Trolled Buri Tarah Se

Pakistan may be facing a lot of pressure on the matter of terrorism at the international level but still its main focus is always imposing charges against India.

This time again, Pakistan has alleged that an Indian “spy” drone has been shot by its army in Rakhchikri sector along the Line of Control (LoC).

The spokesperson of Pakistan Military, Major General Asif Ghafoor, took to Twitter to share this news and brag about their act of bravery.

He also posted the photos of drone which was shot with caption, “Indian quadcopter spying across LOC in Rakhchikri sector shot down by Pak Army shooters.”

As you can see, it is a DJI consumer drone which is easily available for the common public also to purchase. The Indian Twitter users were unable to digest this news and they trolled the Pakistan army mercilessly; however, it was former J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who started it.

Making a mockery of the news, he tweeted, “I have one of these toys as well if you’d like to shoot it down to cement your next promotion please drop me a line I’ll have it sent across.”

This is how Twitter reacted:

Satire at its best:

Praising in an insulting manner:

You are most welcome, Ghafoor!

Epic insult:

Here again:

False claim exposed:

A jibe at Osama incident:

It’s available on Amazon:

That’s funny:

One more lie busted:


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