Pakistani Troller Said They Will Hang Kulbhushan Anyhow! Sehwag Shut The Troller With 1 Powerful Tweet!

Virender Sehwag has been very active on Twitter and speaks openly on various issues of social importance. He is straight forward & without hesitating even a bit, he puts his views forward.

The recent issue on which he spoke was that of Kulbhushan Jadhav verdict; just like other Indians, even Sehwag celebrated the stay order on his execution.

He was very happy with this decision and hence, took to Twitter to praise the same. Here’s what he tweeted…

The tweet read, “Satyamev Jayate ! #KulbhushanJadhav”

Viru didn’t know that along with this victory tweet, he will have to teach a lesson to a troller as well. A Pakistani user, Farhan Zahoor mocked Sehwag for his tweet. Yes, he didn’t like the way the cricketer appreciated the stay order and out of frustration, he told him that they will hang Kulbhushan no matter what happens.

Here’s the tweet…

Farhan wrote, “@virendersehwag You guys hv less brains? The final decision yet to come and even though icj stays whtever we ll hang him go where ever on ur choic#pak?”

After seeing this tweet, it was obvious that Sehwag wasn’t going to keep his mouth shut. He blasted at the Pakistani troller in his own style. The cricketer told them to keep dreaming about it because it’s never going to happen. Sehwag even linked the World-Cup to this issue.

Here’s what he said;

The tweet read, “In your dreams ,just like beating India in a World Cup.
Kutta Paalo, Billi Paali, galat fahmi mat paalo. #KulbushanJadhav …”

Sehwag perfectly knows how to give it back to these trollers. Wwsn’t it a fantastic reply from Multan ka Sultan?

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