Paresh Rawal Brutally Thrashed On Twitter For Spreading Hoax About Abdul Kalam

Social media is a great place to connect with our near and dear ones as well as for expressing our views and thoughts over something. However, some people use it to spread filth, hatred or even hoax which ultimately serves no positive purpose. People are always advised to double-check any information or piece of news that they come across before sharing it further but often we have seen hoax going viral and people involved in the act do it without even verifying the authenticity of the news.


If common people do any such thing, they are slammed and accused of being irresponsible. But what if a celebrity does the same? Yes, you read it right! Paresh Rawal, popular Bollywood actor and an MP, took to social media and shared a fake information about Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.


The post read,

“Pakistan made all possible attempts to convince me to join them. They tried to convince me in the name of Pakistan, Islam and Quran but I didn’t betray my motherland because deviating from my duties would have brought insult to my religion and country.”

Paresh Rawal shared this on Twitter with caption, “Strictly for pseudo liberal…”

When SM Hoax Slayer declared it as fake information, a user asked Paresh, “Any particular reason you posted this fake information sir?”

To this, the actor replied, “did nt knw it was fake n Had it been anybody else would have double checked but it seemed true because of mr Kalam!”

Twitterati slammed the actor in harsh words for such a negligent post spreading hatred! Check out some of the selected reactions!

Well said!


Bang on!

A jibe at BJP:

This user has a valid point!

Please don’t include Kalam Sir in your dirty politics:

And you are a politician 😛

WhatsApp University:

Epic insult:

Here again:


Angry user!



A genuine request!

Rightly said!

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