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Parle-G Used Dialogue Of Sacred Games After Its Mention In The Series. This Is How Netflix Reacted


Parle-G Used Dialogue Of Sacred Games After Its Mention In The Series. This Is How Netflix Reacted

Sacred Games 2 is quite an ambitious project of Netflix as it has invested round Rs. 100 crore in making 8 episodes of the web series. The first season of the series was a big hit and Netflix is quite hopeful of the second season as well which has been released on 15th August.

While some fans are loving the show, there are few who are not so happy with it. However, the biscuit brand Parle-G is quite happy with the fact that it has been mentioned in the series. For the uninitiated, it gets mentioned when a character Bunty talks about his miserable condition and tells his boss that he is living by eating Parle-G.

Netflix India also used this dialogue for the purpose of showing the condition of those who have money in the beginning of the month but by the end of the month, they are broken.

Here is what it tweeted,

“Start of the month: Bohot paisa hai apun ke pass.

End of the month: Parle-G khana padh raha hai kaali chai mein duboke.”

Many memes have been made on this scene and Parle-G posted a series of memes under the hashtag #SacredBiscuit.

Recently, the official Twitter handle of Parle-G shared a pic which read,

“Sacred Biscuit

Every artist trying to break ground:

Yaha Parle-G khana pad raha hai, kaali chai mein dubokar


The caption of the tweet was:

“Parle-G is proud to be part of every artist’s initial struggle. #SacredBiscuit for every genius.  #SacredGames”

Netflix also took to the micro-blogging site Twitter to talk about the effect of Parle-G on Bunty and here’s what it replied on the tweet made by Parle-G,

“Season 1:

0 mentions of Parle-G.

0 hit songs written by Bunty.

Season 2:

1 mention of Parle-G.

Bunty becomes a world-famous producer, casino owner and lyricist.

Coincidence? We think not.”

The Internet users are loving the creativity of these brands, especially those who love Parle-G as it has been a part of the lives of many Indians for a long time now.

What is your take on these memes? Do let us know.

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