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Paytm CEO Complained Of Slow iPhone. Got Epic Replies From OnePlus & Xiaomi


Paytm CEO Complained Of Slow iPhone. Got Epic Replies From OnePlus & Xiaomi

Phones are an inevitable part of our lives now; there are some tech freaks who wish to upgrade their phones as soon as a new model launches in the market. However, we also come across people who express immense frustration on social media whenever their phone stops working.

Looks as if even Paytm’s CEO Vijay Shekhar is one among them. He seems unhappy with his iPhone X; he took to Twitter to express displeasure with his phone. Vijay Shekar is facing issues with slow loading icon; moreover, he tried hard to get it back to normal, but it didn’t work.

He not only explained the problem but also posted a video of the same;

He wrote, “My iPhoneX is in this state since yesterday evening. All, multiple combos of hold key press, haven’t worked to restart it !”

Tweets by such biggies attract attention easily. In fact, it is bad for the company because their Twitter handles have lots of followers. Apple might face losses as Vijay Shekhar’s followers might read his negative comment and not opt for iPhone X.

Although Apple didn’t notice this tweet or reply to him, VP of Xiaomi Manu Kumar Jain came up with an epic reply. He asked Vijay Shekhar to ditch Apple and switch to their smartphone for a better experience.

The reply read, “Maybe it’s a signal – time to switch to the No. 1 smartphone brand in India! 😇

I would be happy to send one to you personally.”

This was not it; even OnePlus’ Twitter handle replied to the Paytm CEO. Here’s what they tweeted;

They said, “You won’t regret it!”

It would be worth seeing whether Vijay Shekhar would opt for that free smartphone that Manu Kumar Jain has offered or would switch to OnePlus. Let’s wait and watch.

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