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PayTM Upgrades The Controversial ‘Drama Bandh Karo’ Ad & Gets Trolled Again On Twitter


PayTM Upgrades The Controversial ‘Drama Bandh Karo’ Ad & Gets Trolled Again On Twitter

After the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes, the E-wallet firms are advertising aggressively to attract customers for making monetary transactions, digitally. These e-wallet firms are using every platform whether it is print media, electronic media or social media to reach as many prospective customers as possible.

One of the e-wallet firms that seems to be the most aggressive at present is PayTM, undoubtedly. It also created a little bit of controversy when it came up with an advertisement featuring PM Narendra Modi after the big decision of demonetization.


New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal raised objection against this ad on Twitter:

To which the founder and CEO of PayTM responded:

PayTM has once again created a controversy and this time it is because of a line “Drama Bandh Karo” in its new ad. This ad was posted by PayTM yesterday on social media:

A housewife is seen criticizing the government for the note ban as she needs to pay the salary of her maid, to which her maid replies, “Drama Bandh Karo, PayTM Karo”.

This dialogue has not gone well with the public as there are long lines of people in banks and ATMs for exchanging and withdrawing notes.


Stop using PayTM!

App deleted..

Very insensitive:

Shame on PayTM:

The trolling of PayTM made them rethink and the upgraded ad was released which didn’t have the line “Drama Bandh Karo”:

However, the damage is already done and it has now taken a political turn. Some Twitter users are accusing political people and press for making PayTM modify their ad.

Allegations on AAP:

It’s not upgraded but toned-down version:

It’s as downgraded as you are!

Bang on!

Accusing media and seculars:

Association with Arvind Kejriwal?

Is it so?

Uninstalling the app for the diplomatic new version:

Do let us know what is your opinion in this regard in the comments section below.

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