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People Pray That Sania Should Deliver A Boy. Her Reaction Will Make You Respect Her


People Pray That Sania Should Deliver A Boy. Her Reaction Will Make You Respect Her

We all know that the popular Tennis player Sania Mirza is pregnant but contrary to many other women, she wants a girl child instead of a baby boy.

She recently attended an event that was organized for the development of women and girl child where she revealed that she has a sister but not a brother and when people used to come to their house, they used to feel pity on her for not having a brother but she is absolutely okay with this because she never felt the need of a brother.

In her words,

“I come from a family of two girls and till today even after everything that I have achieved or try to achieve, when people meet me, they ask, “Do you not have any brother?” and when I answer “No”, they say “oh” (arey). And I am like, that’s fine, it’s absolutely okay because we never felt that need.”

She further stated that people now pray for her to be the mother of a baby boy but she wants a girl child instead. As per Sania,

“Now I’m pregnant and every time I meet someone, the first thing that people say is they would pray that I am blessed with a baby boy but I request them not to do this and if they want to pray for me, pray for a girl child instead, why are you praying for a boy child? That is the sort of mindset that we grow up with consciously or subconsciously.”

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We agree with Sania that a big change is required in people’s thought and mindset to make this society a better place for women and give them equal rights. What do you say?

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