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People Trolled Hina For Underwater Pic. She Gave A Smart Reply

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People Trolled Hina For Underwater Pic. She Gave A Smart Reply

Hina Khan can never escape controversies. Time and again, she’s trolled for her dresses and makeup. Ever since she’s lost Bigg Boss, keep trolling her for some or the other reason.

Well, Hina doesn’t give a damn to these trolls, but at times, things become intolerable. Many a times, even her boyfriend RO comes to her rescue. However, this time, Hina has taken trolls and comments too seriously and has given everyone a smart & a sarcastic reply.

What happened is Hina posted an underwater pic on her Instagram recently. People made fun of her because she wore lipstick even in water. Have a look at the pic;

Well, seeing this picture, trollers couldn’t stop themselves from posting trolls for her. Here are few of them;






This time, Hina just couldn’t ignore the trolls. She posted a cryptic post on her Insta, which was no less than a mouth-shutting reply to them. Here’s what she posted;


A post shared by Hina Khan (@realhinakhan) on

The post read, “Just be yourself. Let people see the real imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful and magical person you are.”

This literally meant that Hina just doesn’t care about what people think about her. Isn’t this a smart way to answer?

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