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A Person Tried Trolling Mahira Khan! She Replied Like A Boss & Shut His Mouth…

A Person Tried Trolling Mahira Khan! She Replied Like A Boss & Shut His Mouth... RVCJ Media


A Person Tried Trolling Mahira Khan! She Replied Like A Boss & Shut His Mouth…

Uri attacks have shattered India and have further weakened its relation with Pakistan. Yes, India is mourning the loss of its 18 brave hearted Jawans, who didn’t give up till the end.

Rising tension in the country has led to many unexpected incidents. Here, we are talking about how MNS threatened Pakistani actors and gave them a 48 hours deadline to leave the country.

In spite of being so talented, these Pakistani actors have to face it from both the countries. While Pakistan is questioning them about why they have to go to another country to search work, India is telling them that ‘They are not needed in the country’.

Yesterday, we also reported about how Fawad Khan has already left for Pakistan and has no plans of coming back to India again. Now, the recent one to bear the brunt of flak is Mahira Khan, the Raees actress.


What happened was that Mahira posted a happy picture on her Instagram account and as soon as people saw it, they started leaving demeaning and disgusting comments.

Here’s the picture which she posted!


A post shared by Mahira Khan (@mahirahkhan) on

Yes, in this picture, Mahira is seen playing late night power-hockey with son Azlan, but it seems people just can’t see her happiness. A guy immediately mocked her…


His post read “Aapko India se abhi danday nahi paray”. He indirectly said that Mahira is happily playing even in spite of tensions and she’ll soon be beaten up by India! However, Mahira is quite straightforward and just can’t tolerate such comments. She instantly replied….


She slammed the guy with her classy reply! Her reply reads “Aapko apni Ami se paray hotay toh iss tarah ki bakwaas na kartey” which means “Had your mom beaten you with sticks, you wouldn’t have uttered such nonsense.”

Indeed, Mahira has replied like a boss, don’y you agree! Do let us know your thoughts on this in our comments section below.

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