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This Photographer Did A Genius $160,000 Audi Shoot With Just A $40 Toy Audi Car


This Photographer Did A Genius $160,000 Audi Shoot With Just A $40 Toy Audi Car

You might have heard the phrase that “Appearances Can Be Deceptive”, not everything that our eyes see is true. We see a lot of wonderful, amazing, magical things around us with our eyes, and sometimes we get deceived by what we see.

Audi photo shoot

The famous miniature photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez used his genius to capture a set of photos of the Audi R8 Sports car. He captured the realistic pictures of R8 using his signature techniques, he used a miniature model for this purpose, very intelligent camera angles. And let me tell you, he didn’t use Photoshop, you won’t believe me, but it’s true.

Audi R8 Sports Car costs about $160,000 and this photographer did the shoot with a miniature model which costs around $40. That’s why it is said that photography isn’t simply about taking pictures, it’s an art, it’s about capturing something special.

You must see these images shot by Felix Hernandez Rodriguez. You will be amazed after looking at his work. He used intelligent proportions, lighting, in camera effects, and his creativity for this photo shoot.

Take a look at some of his pictures.

The very first step to create the magic!


Abracadabra, here we go!


Isn’t that awesome?


This is not Photoshop, this is real!


This is the room where he created the magic.


It is a toy car, can you believe your eyes?


He is truly a genius! Hats off to you sir for creating such a wonderful magic with your talent. So guys do share your views and opinions in the comments.

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