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These Photos Of Policemen Are Going To Send You ROFL


These Photos Of Policemen Are Going To Send You ROFL

Policemen are there for local law enforcement but it is always hilarious to catch them in funny situations. Here are some hilarious pictures of policemen.

1. By God’s grace it is a stick and not a gun 😛


2. Policeman seems to have a great heart to return the cloth after beating nicely 😛


3. Guess he forgot to read the board


4. The power of one hand (Poster at the bottom of the picture will make your day 😉 )


5. Guess this style will be there in Dabangg 3


6. It is the union of the two chairs that is holding the spirit else God forbid the result


7. The guy on top is of sand and would be washed away if he kept foot in water


8. Control brother control 😛


9. Poor dog


The dog be like, “Bro do not make me smell that else I would vomit. God do not even get my enemy to be a police dog ever.”

10. No comments!! The poor motorcycle


So did you like it? Are you rolling over with laughter? Do not forget to share your views in comments below.

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