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A Picture That Hampered Many Lives

A Picture That Hampered Many Lives RVCJ Media


A Picture That Hampered Many Lives

What did this picture signify? School Friends? Off Period in School? Or “Love Jihad”? No matter what it signified, it surely wasn’t provocative enough to take lives of the ones who are in it.


In the picture you can see, a young boy lying on the lap of five school girls. A generation of socially activated people, uploaded this picture. And, the outcome was that you wouldn’t believe. The guys in the picture run to a secluded place to avoid any mishap.
What is more surprising is the fact, that if you notice there are two more guys who may have no idea that their picture are been taken also had to face the wrath of it. A group of ten people assaulted one of the boys named Riyaz and his condition is so severe that he is in the hospital now.
If sources are to be believed, he was allegedly kidnapped near his house and was taken to some isolated place where he was beaten with sticks. The only fault of his was he clicked pictures with Hindu Girls, despite being a Muslim guy. Fortunately, he escaped from their grab and called his father who managed to locate him and save him from severe accident.
Where are we heading towards? Is this really a reason to beat a person down?

Your views will at least pacify the situation?
Please comment below so that WE know if this is truly wrong or not!


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