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The Pictures Will Explain You Why The Ultimate Battle Of The Genders Prevail


The Pictures Will Explain You Why The Ultimate Battle Of The Genders Prevail

In this patriarchal society where most of the time male dominates, lead the way. While the women are always targeted. But Wittyfeed has come up with some ridiculously funny pictures to shows the accuracy of the battle between the two sexes. Yes, women can be very difficult to manage at time and so can be man who are very difficult to even understand.

1.Shortcut to Love

Dil Phek Aashiq, precisely.


2. Top Secret Divulged, Yet Unknown to Many

This is why Chinese Whisper was originated


3. Google may Misinterpret

For some, Google do not requires keyword but whole essay to identify what you want to say.


4. Okay.Fine. Agreed With This

Yeah, Fine . this is Quite Right . May be. Whatever.


5. It is Actually Not The Fault of the Girl

Everybody goes weak on the knees, seeing women. So, Blame God for making us this way.


6. No One Actually Understand this

Girls : Get De-Toxify After the Parlor Visit
Boys: – The Whole Features gets Changed After Parlor visit


7. A Little Less Complicated

😀 😀

Don’t even try to understand this..


8. Hide And Seek

Some people have deep dark secrets and some are like open books. You know what I mean



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