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Pimple Popping & White Head Extraction


Pimple Popping & White Head Extraction

Undoubtedly, keeping the “hands-off” method is the best thing for your skin. Enable the pimple to heal and stop squeezing it naturally. You may be able to drain any pus if you pinch a pimple. But as you pinch, the infected substance from the pimple and some dead skin cells not only push up and out of the skin but also push into the pore. The pressure may also cause the wall of the pore, below the surface of your skin, to erupt into the derma. All this does more harm than just the pimple healing alone. The more damaged the skin is, the more acne scarring is likely to occur.

While acne scarring commonly happens to a lot of people, there are ways you can treat them. You can go for home remedies if you’re patient enough to wait for the scars to fade away. Or, you can opt for acne scar removal treatments like INFINI. INFINI is one of the popular treatments for scar and wrinkle improvement.

Safe Way to Pop a Pimple

Popping pimples should be a last resort at all times. However, if you feel like you’ve got to pop the whitehead, it’s better that you do it in a safe manner. Although, there is no guarantee you will not do harm to your skin if you squeeze a pimple. At the very least, these steps will decrease the risk of that occurring. This only works for big, visible whiteheads close to the surface of the skin.

  • Before touching your pimple, make sure to wash your hands with soap and water. This is to ensure that you’re not contaminating or worsening your pimple.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to sanitize the needle or pin that you’ll use to extract or pop the pimple.
  • Gently poke the top of the whitehead with the tip of the needle, coming in at an angle parallel to the skin. Don’t go too deep as it will wound your skin, and it might bleed. You just want to pierce the whitehead’s very surface. 
  • For more protection against bacteria and germs, wrap your finger with a tissue or clean cloth. Then on either side of the pimple, put your fingers.
  • Try to pull the skin away from the pimple. It’s kindly like the opposite of squeezing. This method also puts pressure on the pimple, so the mucus or infected substance will be forced to pop out from the skin. 
  • After the extraction process, clean your face with your facial cleanser to ensure no bacteria will get in.

Alternatives to Pimple Popping

While popping will always be the first thing to come to mind when you see a pimple, it’s best that you avoid it. Good thing there are alternatives to pimple popping. Another thing, these alternatives are safer and will guarantee that your pimple will go away without the need for squeezing and popping.

Use Some Spot Treatment

If you are willing to wait, spot treatments like creams and ointments are an additional good option. Take a small amount of the said products then apply them on the pimples and leave them on the blemish for a few minutes. These pimple treatments cause the bump to dry up. Spot treatments can be obtained in your nearest medicine shop. Benzoyl peroxide or sulfur products are the products most suitable for pustules.

You may want to experiment with many brands to find out which one is most appropriate for your skin. Some people also have good results with Salicylic acid products or Tea Tree Oil products. Follow your selected product instructions. Don’t be tempted to apply as much as suggested, or you will find a dry, red, peeling spot.

Extraction Sessions

If you’re having troubles with your pimple, the best option you could do is get a dermatologist to drain the blackhead or pimple. These professionals are well aware of how these skin defects can be carefully removed without damaging the skin. Especially for blackheads, extractions can work very well. In just a few visits, your derma can get rid of most of the existing skin blackheads and pimples. Obviously, it is not practical and realistic to attend a dermatologist’s clinic each time a pimple appears as one session may be costly.

Use a Warm Compress

You should try to drain your pimple with a warm compress if you have a pustule with a big, visible white head. Soak a soft cloth and hold the pimple for a couple of minutes in warm water. When it gets cold, rewarm the compress. The warmth can loosen the pore and “open” the pimple, which makes the bump drain naturally. However, make sure the pustule is ready on the surface of the skin with a broad white head. This will make the defect more inflamed if you do so with a bump before the white head has developed, making it appear larger and clearer.

Avoid Popping a Severely Inflamed Pimple/Acne

There are some kinds of pimples you should never attempt to pop though you can extract a whitehead occasionally. No red pimple should be squeezed without a white head. Never squeeze out those heavy, inflamed, deep imperfections in which are called nodular breakouts and cysts. The reason for this is because the core is too deep with these pimples making it difficult for the infected substance to emerge safely to the skin’s surface. The easiest approach is to just wait for them to cure themselves. Any acne or pimple treatment will help you eliminate those annoying blemishes.

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