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PM Modi’s Reply To Renuka Chowdhury’s Laughter Shows He’s Best At Trolling. Even Twitter Loved It


PM Modi’s Reply To Renuka Chowdhury’s Laughter Shows He’s Best At Trolling. Even Twitter Loved It

Yesterday the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ripped apart Congress when he gave his speech in the Parliament and held them responsible for partition of the country for their personal interests. PM Modi went on to slam the party and said that the country is still paying for the sins committed by them as they blindly worshipped one family. The behaviour of the opposition was also not up to the standards as all the time, the opposition MPs were shouting slogans and making a noise.

One of the senior MPs of Congress Renuka Chowdhury was laughing loudly during the PM’s speech which irked the speaker Venkaiah Naidu and he rebuked her for such behaviour. But PM took a dig at Renuka Chowdhury and said,

“Sabhapati Ji meri aapse vinti hai Renuka Ji ko kuch mat kahiye. Ramayan serial ke baad aisi hansi sunne ka saubhagya aaj jaake mila hai. (Chairman Sir, I request you to not say anything to Renukaji. After Ramayan serial, we have got the privilege of hearing this kind of laughter today).”

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PM Modi meant to say that Renuka’s laughter is quite similar to the laughter of Shurpanakha, the female demon of Ramayana.

However, Renuka Chowdhury didn’t like it and called it a comment against women. She talked to mediapersons outside and said,

“He (the Prime Minister) has made a personal comment which denigrates the status of women. If he would have spoken this outside Parliament, there would have been a case against him according to law.”

She further said,

“How can a Prime Minister speak like this? This shows his culture. I can’t go to that extent.”

Twitter just got crazy after this incident; majority of the users actually agreed with PM Modi and trolled Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury. Check out some selected tweets:












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