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Pooja Bedi Got Heavily Slammed For Saying “Live Without Fear Of Virus” In Her Videos From Goa

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Pooja Bedi Got Heavily Slammed For Saying “Live Without Fear Of Virus” In Her Videos From Goa

The whole nation is facing wrath of the coronavirus pandemic’s second wave and what is making the matter worse is the fact that this time we are fighting the new variant of the virus which is more harmful than the previous one and is spreading at a faster pace than the last time. One of the biggest reasons for the comeback of COVID-19 is the carelessness of people and their unwillingness to follow the safety guidelines such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, etc.

The condition of the pandemic is quite serious in 12 states of the country with Maharashtra and New Delhi being the worst affected. While Maharashtra has announced lockdown like restrictions, New Delhi has also imposed weekend curfew and some other strict restrictions.

On one side, common public is worried about their present and future in such circumstances but on the other, there are some who are quite privileged and they need not worry about their future even if things are going out of control in India.

Recently, the former actress Pooja Bedi took to her social media accounts and posted some videos in which she is seen having gala time at the beaches of Goa with her fiancé Maneck Contractor and kids.

Here is a video which she captioned as, “I love Goa!! There are SO many reasons to love Goa the outdoors, the warmth of the locals the amazing food the sunshine & of course the fact that my health & wellness business is based in Goa”.

In the video, she talks about the location where she comes for walk and shows the viewers how beautiful the place is.

She also shared a video on her Instagram account in which she asked what a person should do on Monday morning. She talked about the fun that an individual can have on the beach like she is having.

She captioned the video, “LIVE your LIFE while u are on this planet…! The only guarantee in life is death! It’s inevitable! What matters is how you LIVE .. and it certainly shouldn’t be in a state of continuous fear & uncertainty… its already stolen ONE WHOLE YEAR of our lives. Life is not meant to be lived in Fear, suffocating masks & Concrete cages. Sunshine & fresh air builds immunity. Love # Happy Goa.”

Pooja has posted one more video in which she is seen with her fiancé on the speedboat. She talks about living the life without fear and says that life it not for wearing masks and remaining caged. She says that the virus is not going away so what your biggest regret will be if you lose your life after a year of lockdown.

Netizens have blasted her mercilessly for such an insensible and idiotic behaviour; people say that by posting such videos on social media, she is encouraging people to do the same and it will be no less than insulting doctors and corona warriors who have been tirelessly working day and night for almost a year now and are keeping their lives at risk to treat others.

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