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Poor Guy Was Jealous Of Rich Man & Wanted To Know What He Does, Reality Left Him Speechless


Poor Guy Was Jealous Of Rich Man & Wanted To Know What He Does, Reality Left Him Speechless

Who doesn’t want to be successful in life? Of course, everyone does! And why not? Success doesn’t come alone, it brings a lot of name, fame and money with it which obviously uplifts a man’s status in society and people look at him with high regards. While not everybody is able to achieve success in life, there are few who attain it at a very young age and thus set an example for others in the society. They become the talk of the town and a part of every gathering; if not present physically then in discussions of people. Be it a get-together at chai ki tapri or house parties, no conversation is complete without mentioning them or in other words, people get so obsessed with their success that they just can’t stop talking about them.

However, success sometimes can get into people’s minds and make them take some wrong decisions which may result in losing the whole lot! Here we present a short film which on one hand portrays the life of a young successful rich man who is no less than a celebrity for people around him while on the other, it shows a poor man trying to be successful and rich.

How different their lifestyles and mindsets are and the touching depiction of the poor guy’s struggles are what make it a must watch! The poor guy keeps on thinking day and night about the wealthy man’s profession as he is doing so well in career and life until one day he got to know the shocking and bitter truth! What was it? To know that, you need to watch the video:

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Doesn’t it narrate the reality of our society in a perfect manner? How did you find the video? Let us know your views about it.

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