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Prabhas Was Asked To Speak Against Padmavati. He Tackled It In The Smartest Way

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Prabhas Was Asked To Speak Against Padmavati. He Tackled It In The Smartest Way

The Padmavati fiasco is getting messy and everyday, fuel is being added to the fire. Whenever celebrities comment or support the film, they get it back from social media. The communities are expecting celebs to speak against the film, but makers and fans want them to speak in favor of the film.

Recent one to be dragged into this controversy is famous actor Prabhas. Yes, he was forced to speak about Padmavati, but he chose the smart way out.

All India Kshatriya Mahasabha reached out to Prabhas and tried convincing him to speak against Padmavati. However, Prabhas was wise enough and he knew how big a controversy his statement would have created. This is the reason he blatantly refused to speak about this movie.

Prabhas already doesn’t interact much with the media; his refusal to speak about Padmavati is intelligent because it has saved him from being targeted and threatened. In fact, the star was advised to do so by his uncle Krishnam Raju. Prabhas too didn’t want any sort of unwanted and negative publicity.

Mainly, the Mahasabha approached Prabhas because he has become very successful after Bahubali 2; they thought that by roping in the superstar, even the PR of the group would strengthen.

Moreover, the Mahasabha thought that since Prabhas is also Kshatriya by caste, his opinion would help their cause.

We appreciate this step taken by Prabhas. Rather than being targeted as negative or positive, he chose to be neutral by keeping mum.

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