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Prank Call: “India Vs Austrailia – Mauka Mauka!” By RJ Naved

Prank Call: "India Vs Austrailia - Mauka Mauka!" By RJ Naved RVCJ Media


Prank Call: “India Vs Austrailia – Mauka Mauka!” By RJ Naved

We often come across instances where people get pranked by RJs and that makes us laugh out loud. This video also depicts a prank call made by RJ Naved who pretends to be a caller from Sydney, Australia and has called Balbeer whose English is quite weak. He can neither understand nor speak in English but does not tell the caller. However, in the end when Naved starts singing Mauka Mauka, Balbeer begins to abuse him and it is here that RJ reveals his real identity!

It’s a must watch video to see how Naved plays a prank with Balbeer that would surely make you die laughing. More than that, the abusive part is simply the best and awesome. Watch how and in which foul language Balbeer abuses Naved. Fabulous name-calling will give you a feeling of his being a real Indian and you will get a stomach ache as you will not be able to control your laughter!!

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